Why should you choose Flat tip hair extension from Elsa.Hair?

If you are loyal to hair extensions, keratin hair types are not strange to you.

Today I’ll show you the reasons why Elsa. Hair is the right destination to find the best flat tip hair extensions in the market.

1. Material-Italian keratin glue

Without Italian keratin glue, no fusion hair extensions are possible. This is a non-toxic polymer that allows you to attach hair extensions to your head without hurting your natural hair. The keratin glue pellets used in bonding are fully safe and fitted for all hair types.

2. 100% natural hair

Our hair is made of all-natural hair that no synthetics/man-made fibers are found.

Black keratin glue
Red-orange keratin glue

Advantages of Keratin Bonded Hair Extensions

Keratin bonded hair extensions offer a long list of benefits.

  • They add length and volume to your hair
  • Fully customizable to match or improve your natural hair color
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Keratin bonded hair extensions last for as long as six months with proper care
  • The placement of the bonds allows your hair to move naturally
  • They offer more natural-looking hair than taped-in or sew-in hair applications
  • Experiment with color without permanent dye, bleach, or harsh chemicals
  • Fewer maintenance appointments than with other types of hair extensions
  • Curl, dye, straighten and style your extensions just as you would with your real hair

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