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Keratin Hair Extensions

Elsahair, a beloved hair extensions provider to stylists and glamour enthusiasts globally, recently unveiled an innovative new product line – KERATINE HAIR EXTENSIONS. Their lab developed a proprietary keratin complex formulation for pre-treating raw virgin hair during manufacturing. This permanently infuses each strand with an unprecedented 30% concentrated keratin protein.

Elsahair Launches Revolutionary Keratin-Infused Hair Extensions
Elsahair Launches Revolutionary Keratin-Infused Hair Extensions

Keep reading to understand the breakthrough benefits achieved through Elsahair’s keratin-enriched hair extensions. Discover how this revolutionary hair fortifying and smoothing process helps curls pop, tames frizz prone hair, and takes all textures to the next level in touchable softness and radiant shine!

The Power of Keratin

Before detailing Elsahair’s keratin-infused offerings, let’s first understand what keratin actually is and why it has transformative effects:

  • Keratin comprises 80% of hair’s natural structure, giving strands strength, smoothness and elasticity.
  • Environmental/physical damage depletes keratin levels causing dryness, brittleness and lackluster appearance over time.
  • Replenishing hair of keratin makes strands appear visibly healthier, smoother, and more vibrant.

In a nutshell, keratin is the fundamental building block giving hair its supple virtues. Reinforcing extensions with concentrated keratin ensures achieving the look, feel and performance of salon fresh hair every time!

Spotlight On Elsahair’s Keratin-Infused Formulations

keratin hair extension
keratin hair extension

What sets Elsahair’s KERATINE HAIR EXTENSIONS above the rest?

Their exclusive preparations include:

  • 30% Pure Keratin Concentration – Highest levels infused deep within hair’s cortex through custom bonding procedures.
  • Multiple Keratin Complex Forms – Blend of proteins matched to mimic hair’s natural keratin structure.
  • Patented Time Release – Preservatives allow controlled keratin release over months not just weeks.
  • Zero Formaldehydes – Only non-toxic formula variants utilized avoiding harmful ingredients.

Competing “keratin-treated” lines often rely on diluted temporary surface layer applications lacking long term effects. Elsahair’s KERATINE extensions achieve transformative resurfacing, smoothing and conditioning from within – not just superficially.

Transformative Results

What are the actual results achieved when wearing Elsahair’s revolutionary keratin-powered extensions?

Expect visibly:

  • Smoothed & Polished Strands – Keratin seals down ruffled cuticles leaving high shine.
  • Strengthened & Weightless Feel – Fortified strands prevent breakage yet avoid stiffness.
  • Enhanced Bounce & Volume – Added fullness minus flat, limp hair issues.
  • Defined Curls & Waves – Hydrated keratin makes textures spring to life.
  • Lasting Softness & Sleekness – Unlike temporary blowouts, the effects persist through washes.

The concentrated keratin infusion protects hair integrity, prevents drying out, and allows styles to better hold their shape day after day.

Ideal For All Hair Types

While the Smoothing and frizz-fighting properties prove exceptionally beneficial for coarse and curly-haired textures, Elsahair’s KERATINE HAIR EXTENSIONS prove transformative across all categories:

  • Coarse Hair – Keratin tames frizz prone strands.
  • Curly Hair – Boosted definition helps curls pop while avoiding crunch.
  • Chemically Treated Hair – Reinforces compromised strands weakened by processing.
  • colored Hair – Seals cuticles locking in vivid dye pigments.
  • All Hair Types – Universal protection and added radiance.

Now anyone from pin straight to wildly curly can achieve their best texture yet with the help of Elsahair’s revolutionary keratin-enriched hair extensions!

Experience Maximized Style Potential

Take your hair to the next level tapping into the transformative strengthening and smoothing effects only Elsahair’s pioneering KERATINE HAIR EXTENSIONS formulas make possible. Unlock new styling potential as strands turn supple and touchably sleek infused with the fortifying foundation of nature’s miracle worker – keratin!