How to care I-tips, U-tips And Flat Tip Hair Extensions?

How to care I-tips, U-tips And Flat Tip Hair Extensions?
Human hair extensions can transform your entire look by adding volume and length to your hair. Celebrities use them to get glamorous hairstyles in only a day. Just like your natural hair, human hair extensions require a certain amount of care. If you want your hair extensions to make you look beautiful, you better learn how to maintain them.
A few hair care way bellow may help you keep hair extention always beautiful:

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1. Washing
If your hair extensions are sewn, I-U tips as Straight I tips hair extensions or taped in, you can wash them along with your natural hair in the shower or removed and treated separately. Be gentle, though, so that you don’t loosen your extensions. If you’re too rough with them, they won’t last as long. Be sure to use a moisturizing formula shampoo. The more that a shampoo moisturizes, the better it will be for your hair.
Wash your extensions three to five times a week. Don’t wash your extensions every day. Just like your normal hair, they’ll become dried out if you over-wash them. On days that you don’t wash your hair, give it a gentle rinse and use some conditioner.
How often you should wash your hair depends on its thickness, oil content and how much product you use in it.

2. Use sulfate-free shampoo.
Your body is constantly creating new oils for your natural hair, but your extensions do not have a direct supply, so you need to be very careful about drying them out. Sulfates are the cleaning detergents in shampoos that cause them to foam. Sulfates are effective cleaners. However, they can dry out the natural oils in your hair that serve to protect it. Sulfates can cause split ends to form in your hair and it can make your hair look dry or frizzy over time.

You can use a bit of coconut oil to the tips. It will help nourish them and make then shinier.

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3. Use conditioner.
Each strand of hair has a protective cuticle layer. Not only does the cuticle layer protect the hair strand, it also reflects sunlight which gives your hair its shine. Throughout the day, the cuticle layer gets broken down, leaving your hair looking limp and dull. Conditioners give your hair back its smooth and soft. Make sure to work the conditioner all the way into the roots of your hair.

4. Dry your hair.
Blow-dry your hair completely before going to bed. You should never go to bed while your permanent hair extensions are wet. Wet hair extensions will bunch up causing tangles to form. As you move around in your sleep, the tangles in your extensions could get stuck and pull on your natural hair, damaging it.

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