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Vietnamese Virgin Hair Extensions

Elsahair, a leading hair extension supplier serving professional stylists and everyday glamour seekers globally, has specialized in premium quality imports of Vietnamese virgin hair for over a decade. They exclusively offer 100% pure virgin hair extensions ethically sourced from Vietnamese donors lacking any synthetic blends.

Virgin hair VIetnamese
Virgin hair VIetnamese

This article will explore why Elsahair’s Vietnamese hair has achieved elite status as a top ingredient within the human hair trade. Discover what establishes Vietnamese virgin hair’s virtues setting it apart. And learn how Elsahair translates this exceptional Asian hair type into versatile natural-looking extensions catering to diverse styling needs.

Why Source Vietnamese Hair?

So what virtues establish premium quality Vietnamese hair as a cut above the rest when creating luxury extensions?

  • Lush Thickness & Durability – Withstands styling/processing while resisting shedding or tangling.
  • Stunning Black Sheen – Jet black hue with unparalleled shine straight from the source.
  • Ultra-Soft Feel – Smooth cuticles retain moisture for hair that feels supremely soft to the touch.
  • Perfect Balance Of Smooth & Bouncy – Movements never appear stiff, fake or overly slick.

In a nutshell, Vietnamese hair possesses the elite thickness, sheen, texture and versatility required by the highest echelon human hair extensions. Elsahair brings the virtues of this Asian hair exclusively to everyday consumers.

Overview Of Signature Textures

virgin hair, virgin hair elsa hair
virgin hair, virgin hair elsa hair

Through direct Vietnamese supplier partnerships, Elsahair provides access to virgin hair extensions categorized by unique texture type:

  • Straight Vietnamese Hair – Pin-straight pure black hair. Ultra smooth, frizz-free.
  • Wavy Vietnamese Hair – Dreamy loose waves with lots of bounce. Air dries retaining a touchable relaxed shape.
  • Curly Vietnamese Hair – Tight ringlets and defined corkscrew curls. High elasticity retains animated spring and form.

Within those categories, hair is separated further by regional source, density, growth direction and production techniques. This extensive classification ensures each client discovers their perfect personalized Vietnamese hair match.

100% Pure Extensions

The superiority of Elsahair’s products stems from guarantees they only use 100% pure Vietnamese virgin hair lacking any synthetic dilutions.

Many competitors offering so-called “Vietnamese hair” extensions actually cut products by blending in cheaper human hair imports from China, India, Malaysia etc.

Elsahair’s Vietnamese hair extension lineup maintains stringent purity standards:

  • Single-origin ethically sourced from Vietnam only
  • No blending whatsoever with non-Vietnamese human hair
  • Intact cuticles retaining hair direction flow
  • No chemical processing or alterations

You are guaranteed every strand comes directly from a Vietnamese donor lacking any adulterations during manufacturing. This purity is validated through third-party verification inspecting involved facilities abroad.

The result? Unparalleled sheen, texture and movement only possible from premium-grade Vietnamese virgin hair.

Diverse Extension Styles

Elsahair imports exceptional Vietnamese hair into classic extension formats:

  • Clip-In Extensions – Temporary self-install nightly removable additions.
  • Tape-In Extensions – Salon installed tape-in wefts using adhesive keratin bonds for 6-8 weeks of wear.
  • Fusion Extensions – Strand-by-strand fusion bonds to natural hair. Durable yet non-damaging when properly removed by experts.

All methods utilize the same salon-worthy Vietnamese hair material imported by Elsahair then only vary by the attachment mechanism integrated during finishing.

This flexibility suits every lifestyle from temporary weekend warrioring to full-time hair extension wearing.

Experience Elite Hair From Vietnam

Elsahair redefines luxury expectations with access to superior virgin hair extensions made entirely of Vietnamese hair unmatched in virtues like thickness, sheen and manageability.

Experience hair revered by stylists as the elite Asian texture taking our locks to the next level. Stay tuned for newest 100% Vietnamese hair extension collections launching soon only via Elsahair!