What are tape-in extensions?

This is a type of thin weft and each piece is about 1-inch in width. Human hair tape-in extensions are applied in between your bio hair in “sandwich” like bonds. These pieces come with thin adhesives up on the top. Tape-in extensions vs hand-tied, which one is more convenient? Both of them. But tape-ins do not take time to apply. The process is faster if you know where to put the tape hair properly. Bear in mind that you determine the location where you need to stick your hair first, then starting the application process. This helps you get the aesthetics and beauty of your hair and face.

What are tape-in extensions? 3

Guide on how to wear tape-ins

Tape in hair extensions vs hand-tied, do they have the same application method? If hand-tied extensions require no adhesive to apply, tape-ins need tape to stay securely on your head. Expect your installation time for tape-ins to be around one hour. The installation time depends on how many tape-ins you are having installed.

Before applying for the hair extension, make sure that your tresses are clean. Then determine where you place the tape and start sectioning your

hair off, start from the bottom of your scalp and move the way up. You pull the top half of your tresses up and secure it with clips. Now take your thin hair section and attach the extensions. Peel the protective paper on the tape and attach it to your locks. When you feel sticky, continue with the top extension. Press and hold these wefts for about 20 seconds to make sure that they together firmly. Continue until you have a fuller hair look. You can apply up to 5 rows of weft to your scalp, but not place them too high on your scalp as it is more visible.

Add some highlights on your hair by using colored tape-ins if you want. How often should you need touch-ups? After 6 weeks, you should reinstall the hair to reach a fresh and natural look.

Hand-tied extensions vs tape in, which option is better for thin hair?


Both of them work for ladies with fine hair. However, hand-tied hair extensions tend to be easier to hide on your thin hair since they will lay flat to your scalp. That’s why many customers with fine hair love these wefts. With tape-in hair extensions, it will become more noticeable when your hair grows. Ladies should opt for tape-ins if you want to reach thick hair with short installation time. To sum up, these extension methods allow wearers to get a thicker and fuller look.

Our conclusion

You dream of having beautiful and thick hair, get a hair extension right now. Hand-tied extensions vs tape in, we hope you can find the best option in this post. At Layla, we believe we provide you the best hair system at cheap prices.

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