5 Ways to Differentiate Between Real and Fake VIRGIN HAIR Extensions

With so many hair extension options on the market, it can be hard to tell real, quality VIRGIN HAIR from fake counterfeits. Unscrupulous sellers often market synthetic hair as the real thing. But authentic, 100% remy VIRGIN HAIR has distinct properties that set it apart.

5 Ways to Differentiate Between Real and Fake VIRGIN HAIR Extensions 3

Learn how to spot the differences with these 5 tips for identifying real versus fake VIRGIN HAIR extensions.

1. Check the Source

The first step to finding real VIRGIN HAIR extensions is sourcing from ethical, reputable suppliers. Beware of vendors claiming “virgin” hair at unusually cheap prices. Quality remy hair comes at a cost to procure ethically from donors and process to standards.

Signs you’re dealing with a trustworthy hair provider:

  • They can trace the origin of the raw hair.
  • Hair is ethically sourced and donors are treated fairly.
  • They only deal in 100% human hair.
  • Clear policies against counterfeit products.
  • Positive customer reviews.

The best real VIRGIN HAIR is traceable to donors in regions like India, Brazil, or Peru. Established sellers stand behind their supply chain. Avoid “too good to be true” bargains.

2. The Burn Test

A simple burn test can help identify real VIRGIN HAIR from synthetic fibers. Carefully take a few strands between your fingers and hold to a flame.

Real hair will:

  • Ignite briefly and extinguish on its own.
  • Odor of burnt hair.
  • Ash left behind.
  • Curl or shrivel up as it burns then goes out.

Fake fibers tend to:

  • Melt from the flame.
  • Emit a chemical or plastic smell.
  • Hard beads left behind.
  • Continue burning rapidly unless extinguished.

While not 100% foolproof, the burn test can help confirm if hair is synthetic or real human VIRGIN HAIR. The behavior when exposed to flame differs distinctly.

3. Look at the Cuticle

Examining the cuticle layer can also indicate whether strands are real VIRGIN HAIR or fake. The cuticle is the outermost part of each hair strand.

Healthy, real hair has:

  • Intact cuticle scales that overlap smoothly from root to tip.
  • No raised cuticle edges.
  • A natural sheen.

Synthetic fibers tend to have:

  • Rough, uneven cuticle edges.
  • Noticeable gaps between cuticle scales.
  • An artificial, plastic-like shine.

Use a magnifying glass to closely inspect the cuticle scales. Real remy VIRGIN HAIR has consistent, smooth overlaps all along the length.

4. Feel the Texture

The look and feel of real VIRGIN HAIR is soft, smooth and natural. Run your fingers along a few strands to check the texture.

Authentic hair feels:

  • Silky smooth.
  • Fresh and bouncy.
  • Lightweight.
  • Similar to natural hair.

Fake fibers tend to:

  • Feel wiry or plastic-y.
  • Lack softness and fluidity.
  • Seem dry, frizzy or straw-like.
  • May feel heavier or stiffer than real hair.

The premium texture and feel of true remy VIRGIN HAIR is difficult to authentically mimic. Texture gives away synthetics.

5. Observe How it Handles

Lastly, observe how the hair looks and responds when handled. Real remy extensions blend seamlessly and are easy to style.

High-quality VIRGIN HAIR:

  • Blends naturally with your bio hair.
  • Mimics how real hair moves.
  • Easy to curl, straighten and style.
  • Holds a style without excessive frizzing or tangling.

Synthetic hair tends to:

  • Look artificial next to natural hair.
  • Tangle easily.
  • Be harder to curl or style.
  • Frizz and loose shape quickly.

Observe how extensions interact with your own hair during styling. The movement and blendability of real hair gives it away.

Invest in Quality VIRGIN HAIR

With these tips, you can identify authentic, top-quality VIRGIN HAIR extensions and avoid fake synthetics. While real hair comes at a premium, it’s worth investing for the beautiful, natural look and feel.

Choose a reputable seller who sources ethically from donors. When in doubt, ask to see certificates of authenticity. With 100% remy VIRGIN HAIR, you’ll achieve flawless texture, blendability and versatility. Your new locks will move and respond like natural hair.

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