What are hand-tied extensions?

This is one of the oldest types of hair extension methods. Hair strands are real human hair that is hand-tied and added to your bio hair by rows of silicone beads. In other words, it is a type of weft that is weaved by hand only. It requires no glue, tape, and heat to install the hair. It will be sewn into your natural locks.

These wefts are hand-sewn, so it creates a strong securing, avoids the hair shedding. Just like other methods, they are flat and flexible. Also, they lay close to your scalp, offering a comfortable and natural feeling to wear and touch. It’s not bulky. Hand-tied wefts are real human hair and they are heat-friendly. Feel free to wash, dye, and style it as you would do with your existing hair.

Often, hand-tied hair extensions should be reinstalled around 6-8 weeks. However, its lifetime depends on how quickly your natural locks grow and how you take care of them. You likely need a hair salon visit to reinstall the hair. If you feel the rows are a bit heavier, you should reinstall it a little sooner otherwise it pulls your natural hair.

What are hand-tied extensions? 3

How to attach hand-tied hair extensions

The installation process takes time as the hair section is added in small beads. You determine where you place the extension and then section your natural locks. You apply a row of silicone beads to the top of the natural locks that are as close to your scalp as possible. From there, the hand-tied wefts are sewn into that row and lay flat on your head. As we stated, take yourself to a hair salon and get a professional’s help. You may need two rows of wefts during the process. Compared to other methods like tape-ins or clip-ins, the entire process of applying hand-tied hair extensions takes over an hour and a half. If you are wearing it for the first time, it could take as long as three hours.

Be prepared to spend your budget on these hairs. Hand-tied hair extensions are much more expensive as they require a bit more technique to make and install. Plus, it is 100% human hair and made by hand only. Invest in this method, we firmly believe that it will not let you down. The more hair weft you use, the more expensive it is going to be. The cost also obviously varies on where you purchase your extensions. Hence, find out and choose a wholesale hair vendor to get the best pick at a reasonable price.

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