Top 10 Hair Extension Factories With Best Prices For Export In Vietnam

Vietnam has become an increasingly popular source for high-quality and affordable hair extensions. With an abundance of lush, thick and strong virgin hair, Vietnam is home to numerous hair extension manufacturers and exporters that can create extensions in a variety of styles and colors.

elsahair company
elsahair company

When looking for a Vietnamese hair extension supplier, it’s important to find one that offers exceptional quality at reasonable prices. Factors like ethical hair collection processes, range of hair textures/styles, and responsive customer service should also be considered.

To help you find the best factories, we’ve compiled this list of the top 10 Vietnamese hair extension manufacturers and exporters known for their top-notch quality and competitive export pricing:

1. Elsahair Vietnam Factory

With over 15 years of experience, Elsahair Vietnam is one of the leading wholesale human hair extension manufacturers in Vietnam exporting to markets worldwide. Some key facts:

  • Located in Dong Bich Hamlet, Dong Tho Village, Yen Phong District, Bac Ninh province, Vietnam. – Tel: +84977668496
  • Specialize in machine weft hair extensions made from 100% virgin Vietnamese hair
  • Various styles including straight, body wave, deep wave, loose wave, natural wave, deep curly
  • Lengths between 16”-28” available
  • Minimum order only 50g with flexible customization for order
  • Price range of $50-$150 per kg based on hair attributes

Elsahair Vietnam factory has an expert understanding of quality hair attribute requirements for different export markets. They collect hair in ethical ways and their strict quality control ensures their hair extensions meet international standards.

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2. Bani Hair Factory

banihair company website
banihair company website

Bani Hair Factory is a wholesale hair extensions supplier and manufacturer located in  Dong Bich Hamlet, Dong Tho Village, Yen Phong District, Bac Ninh province, Vietnam. Tel: +84977668496. Details include:

  • Over 10 years of experience specialized in high-quality bulk human hair extensions
  • Various patterns including machine wefts, hand-tied wefts, clip-in wefts, pre-bonded hair
  • Multiple hair types like Vietnamese virgin hair, Indian hair, Peruvian hair, Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, Cambodian hair
  • Order minimum only 1kg
  • Price range around $47 – $125 per kg for Vietnamese virgin hair

Their expert technicians closely inspect every batch of collected hair to meet strict export standards. Bani Hair Factory has a strong focus on responsible hair sourcing and ethical business practices. Their hair is always 100% virgin human hair without any chemical processing.

3. Queen Hair Factory

Operating since 2008, Queen Hair Factory has become one of Vietnam’s top human hair exporters serving clients worldwide. Details:

  • Based in Hung Yen Province, about 60km from Hanoi
  • Specializes in machine weft hair extensions made of high-quality Vietnamese virgin hair
  • Various colors and styles like natural black, brown, blonde, straight, wavy, curly
  • Order quantities from 5kg+ with no strict minimum amount
  • Price range around $47 – $123 per kg depending on attributes

Queen Hair Factory is well-known for exceptional Vietnamese hair quality and global export expertise. They ethically source 100% virgin hair from Vietnamese women and have a highly selective collection process. Their strict quality control inspects hair strength, cuticles, shine and more.

4. Sky Hair Factory

Located in Phu Tho Province, Sky Hair Factory creates beautiful Vietnamese hair extensions from ethically sourced, chemical-free virgin hair. Key facts:

  • Over 8 years specializing in bulk high-quality hair extensions
  • Various patterns like wefts, clip-ins, pre-bonded tips, wigs, closures
  • Multiple colors and styles available
  • Minimum order 5kg
  • Exporter price range $55-$152 per kg for Vietnamese hair

Their hair exports must pass rigorous inspections for quality attributes like strength, elasticity and cuticle alignment. Sky Hair Factory is known for its exceptional Vietnamese hair selection and color processing while keeping competitive pricing.

5. Ruby Hair Factory

Ruby Hair Factory has over 13 years of experience becoming a top Vietnamese company manufacturing and exporting virgin human hair extensions worldwide.

  • Based in Bac Ninh Province, about 35km from Hanoi
  • Variety of patterns like machine wefts, hand-tied wefts, clip ins
  • Wholesale pricing from $53 to $149 per kg
  • Order minimum 5kg

Ruby Hair takes great pride in offering 100% virgin Vietnamese hair that is chemically untouched and the highest quality. Their strict quality control allows them to achieve less than 2% shedding and tangling rates. They also have in-house expert colorists to meet custom color needs.

6. Sam Beauty Hair Factory

Operating since 2009, Sam Beauty Hair Factory is a wholesale supplier and manufacturer of Vietnamese hair extensions located in Hung Yen Province. They export quality products worldwide with the following details:

  • Specialize in machine weft and hand-tied weft extensions
  • Various natural colors and styles like straight, natural wavy, loose deep
  • Wholesale pricing between $49 – $119 per kg
  • Take orders starting 5kg

They source Vietnamese hair from women in rural areas who willingly donate through ethical processes. Their strict standards allow only virgin hair of the highest quality that is chemically untouched. Sam Beauty guarantees low shedding and tangling for all hair extensions.

7. Miss Tina Hair Factory

Located in Bac Ninh Province, Miss Tina Hair Factory creates exceptional quality Vietnamese hair extensions using ethically sourced virgin hair. Details include:

  • Over 7 years specializing in hair exports
  • Various hair extension patterns for wholesale
  • Lengths from 16”-28” available
  • Wholesale pricing between $35 – $149 per kg
  • Minimum order 5kg

Miss Tina Hair Factory is known for its strict quality control and inspection processes that ensure strong, beautiful, intact hair for exports. They guarantee premium Vietnamese virgin hair extensions at reasonable wholesale rates.

8. Lisa Hair Factory

With over 11 years of experience, Lisa Hair Factory is a top Vietnam hair extension manufacturer and exporter providing quality products worldwide.

  • Based in Hanoi
  • Specialize in Vietnamese virgin hair
  • Various colors, lengths, textures and styles
  • Wholesale rates from $47 – $118 per kg
  • Minimum order 5kg

Lisa Hair Factory has strict procurement processes that ethically collect virgin hair from Vietnamese women. Their quality management inspects for strength, elasticity, cuticles and more. Known for exceptional service, they create customized orders to client specifications.

9. Emma Hair Factory

Located in Thanh Hoa Province, Emma Hair Factory is a wholesale hair extensions supplier in Vietnam with 10+ years of experience focused on exports worldwide.

  • Specialize in high-quality Vietnamese virgin hair products
  • Many styles like natural straight, natural wavy, loose deep, loose body
  • Wholesale pricing between $55 – $149 per kg
  • Minimum orders 5kg+

Emma Hair Factory is known for exceptional quality standards and strict testing allowing export of beautiful, long-lasting Vietnamese hair extensions at excellent prices. They have strong roots in the local Vietnamese community allowing ethical hair collection.

10. Rachel Hair Factory

Operating since 2017, Rachel Hair Factory has quickly become a leader in Vietnamese hair exports serving an international client base.

  • Based in Bac Ninh Province
  • Various textures and styles available
  • Wholesale rates around $53 – $124 per kg
  • Minimum order 5kg

Rachel Hair Factory sources strong, healthy virgin hair from Vietnamese women to create extensions using no chemical processing. Their strict procurement and quality assurance processes allow them to achieve beautiful, long-lasting hair extensions. Known for great customer service and responsiveness.

How To Choose The Best Hair Extension Supplier In Vietnam?

When searching for the best hair extension factories and exporters in Vietnam, here are some important tips to consider:

  • Quality – Only work with suppliers that can prove they ethically source 100% virgin hair and have rigorous quality control standards to test for factors like strength, elasticity and shine.
  • Hair Collection Ethics – Choose manufacturers that collect hair in a responsible way with willing participation and fair compensation for donors. This prevents exploitation.
  • Styles & Textures – Look for a wide variety of natural textures (straight, wavy, curly) and colors (black, brown, blonde, highlighted). This shows their capabilities and capacity.
  • Pricing – Reputable Vietnamese hair suppliers should offer competitive pricing in the range of $35 to $150 per kg for virgin hair based on specific attributes.
  • Customer Service – Good suppliers will be responsive to inquiries, offer flexible customization, and quickly handle any issues that emerge.
  • Reviews – Check independent hair extension reviews online for that manufacturer. This can reveal positives and negatives from genuine customers.

By selecting from the best hair factories in Vietnam from this list and following these buying tips, you can feel confident finding a supplier that will deliver exceptional quality hair extensions from Vietnam at very reasonable prices for exports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Elsahair will answer some of the questions people often ask here
Elsahair will answer some of the questions people often ask here

What is the average price for Vietnamese hair extensions for export?

For 100% virgin Vietnamese hair exports, pricing averages around $50 to $120 per kg based on specific attributes like texture, length, etc. Many reputable Vietnamese factories offer pricing in this range. Beware very cheap hair under $35/kg as it likely won’t pass strict quality tests or may involve unethically sourced hair.

Why is Vietnamese hair good quality for hair extensions?

Due to favorable climate and genetics, Vietnamese people naturally grow very lush, thick and strong hair that is ideal for extensions. Vietnamese hair is praised for its shine, softness and durability. The virgin hair is also chemically untouched retaining the cuticles intact so it blends seamlessly with natural hair when made into extensions.

How should I communicate with a Vietnamese hair factory?

Many Vietnamese hair exporters have excellent English language skills for communicating smoothly with international buyers. Email, instant messages through Skype/WhatsApp/WeChat, or phone/video calls allow effective communication to discuss order details like pricing, customizations, timelines, shipping and more. Having a quick, responsive contact process is a good sign.

What are common Vietnamese hair extension styles exported?

Machine weft hair and hand-tied weft hair continue to be the most popular Vietnamese hair extension styles. This well-constructed hair can be made into clip-ins, tapes, wig bundles, closures and many integrated extension styles. Straight is the most common texture but wavy and curly hair is also widely available from leading Vietnamese factories.

Should I plan a site visit to Vietnamese hair extension factories?

If possible, visiting a factory in person in Vietnam can be very valuable to inspect operations and product quality with your own eyes while building deeper supplier relationships. However for international buyers, this may not always feasible. Many great Vietnamese hair exporters provide video tours and documentation to help distant buyers gain transparency and assurance around their processes. Verify certifications like GMP or ISO standards showing the factory follows best practices.

So there you have it – the top 10 factories and exporters to source the highest quality and most affordable Vietnamese hair extensions for markets worldwide, along with tips for selecting the best supplier. Reach out to request samples and pricing quotes from one or more leading factories in Vietnam for all your hair extension needs.

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