Cold Color Hair: Riding the Wave of Cool Hair Trends

If you want to stay on top of the latest hair color trends, it’s time to think cold. Cool-toned hair colors like icy blondes, steel grays, and midnight black are having a major moment. These chic “cold color” shades offer an edgy yet sophisticated way to update your look.

Cold Color Hair: Riding the Wave of Cool Hair Trends 5

What are Cold Color Hair Trends?

Hair colorists define cold colors as hair tones that have blue, violet, or ash undertones. They create a cooler effect than warm copper or gold tones. Cold shades include:

  • Cool platinums and extra light blonde
  • Ashy brown, taupe, and mushroom blonde
  • Silver, steel, and salt & pepper gray
  • Deep espresso and blue-black
  • Pastel lilacs, blues, and greens

These icy shades deliver an edgy, modern look and complement winter complexions. They also downplay brassiness and warmth in hair better than warm shades. Cold color hair is dominating trends from icy blondes to neo grunge black.

Achieving Perfectly Cool Blonde

For women looking to go blonde, avoiding brassiness is a key goal. That is why ash and platinum blonde with icy undertones is in high demand. Here are cool ways to get the trendy blonde look:

  • Ask your colorist for an ash toner to neutralize brassiness and yellow, creating that crisp platinum effect.
  • Try a shadow root technique leaving your roots slightly darker to mimic natural regrowth.
  • Go for an icy ombre starting darker blonde at the roots transitioning into ultra light ends.
  • On very light blonde hair, incorporate subtle smoky lowlights for added depth.
  • Add a cool tone conditioning mask or gloss to boost the icy effect between salon visits.

Choosing an ash blonde shade that flatters your skin tone is key. Stay within 2-3 shades of your natural tone at the roots for the most natural icy blonde.

Steel Appeal of Gray Hair

Gray hair is having its moment for women of all ages. And it’s cooler than ever with metallics like steel and silver gracing the runways. For stylish gray hair:

  • Embrace your natural grays with a gloss treatment for shine and silkiness.
  • Go fully gray all over or start with subtle gray highlights around the face.
  • Combine your grays with lighter ash blonde and darker charcoal lowlights for dimension.
  • Add braids, chic updos, or sleek straight styling to show off beautiful gray tones.
  • Play up the silver tones with violet or blue gloss for an icy metallic effect.

Gray hair has a gorgeous luminosity. With proper care, the tones can look refined and highlight your sophisticated style.

Sleek Jet Black Hair

Cold Color Hair: Riding the Wave of Cool Hair Trends 7

True jet black hair with blue undertones is anything but basic. Paired with straight styling, the hue feels futuristic and edgy for a goth or neo grunge look. Ways to rock icy black hair:

  • Use a semi-permanent black dye with blue pigments added to get an intense midnight black effect.
  • Gloss over fading black with a conditioning treatment containing blue or violet tones.
  • For high contrast, pair inky black lengths with bangs or roots in bleached white blonde.
  • Add side-swept bangs or piece-y layers around the face to show off the sleek black color.
  • Use silicone-free styling products to emphasize shine and play up jet black tones.

For brunettes who want something bolder than brown yet natural, try an espresso black shade with subtle navy tint for rich, cool-toned color.

Pastel Hair Hues for Bold Style

Pastel hair has moved from spring to winter with icy tones of blue, green, violet and gray making a statement. Some edgy ways to wear pastel colors:

  • Ask your colorist to pre-lighten hair for the best pastel saturation.
  • Choose your palette: contrasting pastels like lilac and seafoam green or a single hue like icy blue.
  • Focus bright pastels around the face for high impact with darker roots showing.
  • Blend and fade tones artfully from roots to tips for a unique ombre effect.
  • Add pops of neon orange or yellow for a funky colorblock look.

Pastel hair demands commitment with regular toning but delivers a playful, living art effect.

Caring for Cold Color Treated Hair

Cold tones require some special care to stay bright and bold. Be sure to:

  • Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner made for color-treated hair.
  • Shampoo minimally 1-2x a week to prevent color fading.
  • Rinse with cool water and avoid direct heat on hair.
  • Use leave-in conditioning treatments to boost shine.
  • Gloss or tone hair every 4-6 weeks to refresh icy tones.
  • Protect hair from sun exposure with hats or products.

With proper techniques and products, your cold colored hair can maintain its chilly edge and last until your next color appointment.

Get Inspiration for Cold Color Hair

Need inspiration before your cool hair transformation? Browse vivid photos of icy blonde, gray, black, and pastel hair in the ElsaHair hair gallery.

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Refresh Your Look with Cold Color Hair

In the sea of warm copper and caramel hair colors, cold tones feel fresh, modern, and completely on trend. Dare to go icy platinum, steel gray, jet black, or pastel to embrace the coolest hair color movement. Transform your look with sophisticated cold colors and turn heads for all the right reasons this season.

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