Understanding Bulk Hair: How to Choose the Right Hair Extensions

Choosing the right hair extensions can transform your look, but with so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect match for your hair. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about bulk hair and provide tips on choosing the right hair extensions for your unique style and needs.

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What is Bulk Hair?

Bulk hair refers to unprocessed human hair that is sold in bulk quantities by hair companies. It has not been colored, chemically treated, or cut into any particular hairstyle yet. There are three main types of bulk hair:

  • Virgin hair – This is 100% unprocessed human hair that has never been chemically treated or colored. It is collected from a single donor and all the cuticles are intact, making it very soft and natural looking.
  • Remy hair – Remy hair is also 100% human hair but can come from multiple donors. The cuticles are kept intact and aligned all in one direction to prevent tangling.
  • Non-remy hair – This hair does not have the cuticles aligned so it is more prone to matting and tangling. However, it is still human hair and is a more budget-friendly option.

When purchasing bulk hair, virgin and Remy hair are generally considered the best quality options because of their soft, natural look. But non-remy hair may be suitable for more affordable hair extensions.

How is Bulk Hair Processed?

Once the raw bulk hair is collected, hair companies process it into different styles, lengths, textures, and colors to create hair extensions. Common processing methods include:

  • Washing – The hair is cleaned to remove dirt and impurities.
  • Conditioning – Conditioner is applied to nourish the hair and make it soft and manageable.
  • Drying – The hair is air dried or blow dried into a smooth, straight style.
  • Coloring – If desired, the hair can be dyed different colors using professional hair color.
  • Chemical treatment – Some hair is chemically treated to create wavy, curly, or kinky textures if needed.
  • Cutting – The hair is cut into different lengths depending on the style of extension.
  • Wefting – For weft/sewn-in extensions, the bulk hair is machine sewn onto ribbon-like strips called wefts.

Reputable companies will follow careful quality control measures throughout the processing to ensure the hair remains soft, healthy, and tangle-free. The highest quality extensions will use virgin or Remy human hair and have minimal chemical processing.

Key Factors in Choosing Quality Hair Extensions

Not all hair extensions on the market are created equal. Here are the top factors to consider when selecting high quality bulk hair extensions:

  • Hair Type – Match the texture of the extensions to your natural hair. Is your hair fine or coarse? Straight, wavy, or curly? Choosing the wrong texture can make extensions noticeable.
  • Hair Origin – Indian, Brazilian, Malaysian, and Peruvian are popular origins known for soft, lustrous hair. Choose what works best for your hair type.
  • Hair Quality – Look for Remy or virgin hair with intact cuticles. This creates a natural look with minimal tangling.
  • Processing Method – Less chemical processing preserves softness and shine. Ask about what chemicals or heat styling were used.
  • Hair Color – Extensions are available in natural black and tones, ombre, highlights, and vivid fashion colors. Select a color that complements your complexion.
  • Lengths – Hair extensions range from shoulder length to very long 24-30”. Choose what is comfortable for your lifestyle.
  • Thicknesses – 130% density is standard but those seeking very full looks may prefer higher densities like 150-200%.

Doing your research and asking questions will help determine if the bulk hair is high quality and appropriate for your personal use.

Types of Hair Extension Methods

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There are many techniques for applying bulk hair into functional hair extensions. Common methods include:

  • Clip-In Extensions – Individual wefts with built-in clips that temporarily clip into natural hair. Easy to self-apply.
  • Tape-In Extensions – Wefts with pre-applied tape that bonds to natural hair when heated. Less visible method.
  • Sewn-In/Weave Extensions – Wefts are braided or sewn into cornrows on the scalp for a versatile, long-lasting option.
  • Fusion Extensions – Strands are pre-tipped with keratin or polymer bonds that fuse with natural hair using heat or adhesive.
  • Micro Link/Bead Extensions – Small sections of bulk hair attached to your own using metal beads or links.

The right application method depends on your lifestyle, styling preferences, and hair health. Speak with a stylist about your needs and which option may work best.

Caring for Your Hair Extensions

Quality hair extensions can last 6-12 months with proper care. Here are tips for maintaining your new luscious locks:

  • Use a sulfate-free, moisturizing shampoo and conditioner made for extensions to keep hair soft and detangle gently.
  • Avoid overwashing, heat styling, and rubbing that can cause tangling. Limit washing to 1-2 times per week.
  • Use a wet brush or wide-tooth comb when wet for gentle detangling. Start at the bottom and work up.
  • Sleep in a loose braid or ponytail. Use a silk pillowcase to prevent friction.
  • See your stylist right away if extensions start matting, become loose, or need repositioning.
  • Cut back on styling products like oils or creams that can build up on extension hair.

With some simple care and maintenance, your high-quality hair extensions from a trusted brand like ElsaHair can help you love your hair for months of wear.

Contact ElsaHair for Your Hair Extension Needs

ElsaHair offers premium bulk hair sourced from Europe and produced using special nanotechnology for silky soft, natural-looking extensions. Their experienced team can help you select the perfect hair type, color, length, and application method.

Visit ElsaHair.vn to shop their collection and get free hair care advice. Or contact their customer service team with any questions – they are happy to help you find your perfect extensions!

Investing in the right high-quality bulk hair will help you achieve beautiful, flowing locks that boost your confidence. Follow this guide on choosing extensions and get ready to fall in love with your new hair.

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