Keratin Hair Extensions: Adding Thickness and Shine to Your Hair

Want to add volume or length while boosting the health of your natural hair? Keratin hair extensions may be the solution. These fusions bonds are made of keratin protein for a seamless blend with your own strands. Learn how keratin extensions work and all the benefits they offer.

What are Keratin Hair Extensions?

Keratin Hair Extensions: Adding Thickness and Shine to Your Hair 3

Keratin hair extensions consist of real human hair that has been pre-tipped with a small keratin bead or polymer bond. The keratin is fused to your natural hair using tools that apply heat or ultrasonic waves to gently melt the bonds. The result is hair that hangs and moves naturally while adding thickness and length.

Unlike clip-ins, keratin bonds allow for long-lasting wear for months. And they are lighter and more comfortable than sew-in weave extensions. Keratin tips come in colors that blend with various hair shades. When properly applied by a stylist, the bonds are undetectable.

Benefits of Keratin Fusion Extensions

There are many advantages to keratin bonds over other extensions methods:

  • Lightweight and comfortable for all day wear
  • Allow for natural movement and styling versatility
  • Do not damage hair like sew-ins, tapes or glue
  • Keratin protein nourishes and strengthens your natural hair
  • Seamless blend from roots to ends for invisible look
  • Can be reapplied and refreshed as your hair grows out
  • Last 4-5 months with proper maintenance

The keratin bond technique offers the best of both worlds: long-lasting extensions with nourishing benefits.

How Keratin Extensions are Applied

The application process for keratin tip hair extensions takes precision and skill. Your stylist carefully follows these steps:

  1. Hair is sectioned out into even rows using clips.
  2. Very small sections of your natural hair are isolated for fusion.
  3. The right size keratin bond is chosen to match hair thickness.
  4. Keratin tip and natural hair are placed into the fusion tool.
  5. Heat from the wand melts the keratin to fuse with the hair.
  6. Once cooled, the bond creates a strong hold that feels natural.
  7. Strands are smoothed to blend with your hair seamlessly.

With an expert stylist, the application is customized to your hair type and thickness for beautiful results.

Caring for Keratin Fusion Extensions

Some simple care steps will keep keratin bonds protected and looking fabulous:

  • Wash just 1-2 times per week with a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.
  • Detangle very gently with a wide-tooth comb starting from the bottom.
  • Allow to air dry or use a low heat setting on your blow dryer.
  • Limit use of hot styling tools like curling irons or flat irons.
  • Sleep in a loose braid and use a satin pillowcase.
  • Avoid harsh brushing, rubbing, or hairstyles that put stress on the bonds.

Being extra gentle while washing, styling, and handling extensions prolongs the life of the keratin bonds. Schedule a maintenance visit every 6-8 weeks for your stylist to check bonds and refresh those that need replacing.

Keratin vs. Beaded Extensions

Like keratin fusions, beaded extensions involve bonding small sections of extension hair to your own using a heated tool. But plastic microbeads are used rather than keratin bonds. Here’s how the two methods compare:

  • Keratin is smoother, lighter, and more comfortable. Beads can sometimes feel bulky.
  • Keratin bonds tend to be less damaging to natural hair over time.
  • Properly applied keratin tips blend seamlessly from root to tip.
  • Keratin bonds need replacing more often than permanent bead bonds.
  • Keratin bonds cost less upfront than micro bead extensions.

While both can create a natural look, keratin offers advantages in comfort, blend, and hair health.

Using Keratin Extensions for Thickness

One of the top reasons clients seek out keratin bonds is to add fullness and thickness to fine or thinning hair. Because keratin tips can be fused in just a few key areas, they create volume while keeping hair lightweight.

For the most natural thickness, focus bonds around the perimeter of the face, sides, crown, and nape of the neck where you want lift. A skilled stylist will customize placement for maximum density while considering hair health. Ongoing maintenance fills any gappy spots.

Gaining Length with Keratin Extensions

Clients who dream of mermaid length hair find keratin bonds create the length they want minus the maintenance of super long tresses. Strategic placement of keratin bonds throughout all sections of hair ensures even length from root to ends once complete.

Careful application leaves enough of your natural hair out at the top to allow for versatile styling. And lighter keratin blends prevent pulling and headaches from heavy hair. Your stylist will determine the right amount of bonds needed to achieve your desired length.

Finding a Trained Keratin Stylist

To ensure your keratin bonds are perfectly applied and blended, only visit stylists with expertise. Warning signs of a poorly trained stylist include:

  • Using bonds that are the wrong color or size for your hair
  • Applying bonds too close the scalp or too far down the hair
  • Causing extreme heat damage or burning during the fusion
  • Leaving bonds bulky or visible rather than blending smoothly
  • Not providing sufficient aftercare instructions

Do your research to find a top keratin extension artist known for meticulous, careful application and natural looking results.

Shop Quality Keratin-Tipped Hair

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Unlock the Potential of Your Hair

While any extension method can provide length and volume, keratin bonds do so while nourishing your natural hair for the healthiest look. When applied by a highly trained stylist, keratin tips create flawless, seamless results. Give your locks a boost with the power of keratin hair extensions today.

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