U-Tip Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions Features

U-tip human hair extensions from Elsa Hair allow you to add stunning length and volume to your hair with a hot fusion method. Because of how they’re applied, these pre-bonded hair extensions are ideal for a long-time look. The incredible artificial keratin or glue hair extensions are super soft and blend in with your natural tresses for a gorgeously enhanced look.

Item Name

U-Tip Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions Features 5

Remy Nail/U-Tip Straight, Wavy, and Curly 100% Human Hair Extensions (50 or 100 Strands)


Your Nail/U-tip hair extensions package will include 50 or 100 strands.


The U-tip human hair extensions are hair strands with a U-shaped tip made of artificial keratin (glue). They are attached with the bonding method of melting the glue and fusing it with your original hair and must be worn constantly for several weeks.

1. Color: All available colors, including off-black and dark auburn
2. Length: 10 to 30 inches
3. Weight: 50 to 100 grams
4. Strands: 50 or 100 strands
5. Single-strand weight: 0.5 to 1 grams
6. Texture: Straight, wavy, and curly

U-Tip Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions Features 7
U-Tip Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions Features

For a truly transformative look, U-tip extensions are ideal for those who want long-lasting length and volume. Features include:

1. High-quality, soft to the touch hair extensions
2. Super-soft nail shape extensions
3. Pre-glued U-tip extensions that can be easily applied.
4. Extensions made of Remy hair, providing exceptional quality and volume.
5. Available extra-long 30-inch hair extensions.

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