There are a few events in life that signal bad news for hair. Most significant: getting gum stuck in the hair (grab the scissors!), a bad breakup (put down the scissors!), and the entire season of winter. If you are lucky enough to live in an area without winter, this article isn’t for you. Go outside and enjoy the nice weather already.

Meanwhile, for the rest of us, the weather will soon be frightful and so will our hair. Before we know it, the humidity of summer will be quickly replaced with dry frigid air. Suddenly, we will all be plagued with dry scalps and frizzy hair. You could wear a hat all winter (but you shouldn’t – more on that later) to hide your lackluster ‘do, but I have a better idea. Read on and follow all these tips for the best winter hair of your life.

First of all, please note that your hair is in danger of winter whether you are indoors or outdoors. “But if I stay inside all season, the cold air can’t turn my hair to a brittle mess!” you cry. It’s a solid idea, but it’s incorrect. The air outside is dry, but it is inside too, thanks to cranked-up thermostats.

Dryness is the main problem in winter. When your skin is dry, you double up on your facial moisturizer. Your hair is experiencing the same weather as your face, so show your tresses some love. Winter is the time to switch to a hydrating conditioner. Look for one with humectants and fatty oils. To boost the moisture, apply a deep conditioning mask like our Intensive Recovery Mask at least once a week.

Do you hit the snooze button five times every morning? I recommend you stop. First, because if you’re late one more time, your boss might just fire you. Second, you need time to properly wash and dry your hair in the morning. In winter, you must never step outside with wet hair. No, you will not catch a cold, but you will catch hair breakage. Dry your hair completely every morning or start showering at night.PREPARING YOUR HAIR FOR WINTER WEATHER 3

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