Elsa Hair’s Bulk Hair- The best bulk hair ever

Bulk Hair is one of Elsa Hair’s best sellers since it was introduced to the market. Today I will tell you the reasons for this, helping you guys reach a decision easily as finding a trustworthy hair brand for importing bulk hair.

1. Elsa Hair’s Bulk Hair is guaranteed with 100 % natural hair.
We say no to synthetic materials as you can test their quality of them in several useful ways, and this is my suggestion  (https://naijhair.com/blogs/hair/fake-hair-virgin-hair difference#:~:text=Take%20a%20lighter%20or%20a,when%20cool%2C%20it’s%20synthetic%20hair.)

2. Elsa Hair’s Bulk Hair is famous for its long lifespan.
For our bulk Hair, it could gain a maximum lifespan of 3-4 years when you have a very careful way to take care of them.

3. Elsa Hair’s Bulk Hair is not frizzy and dry after washing. I know that you guys are worried about the quality of hair after washing it, but we guarantee that our hair will not have sheddings or losses after being immersed in water. If you order, please DM us to be provided with the best proof for that.

4. Elsa Hair’s Bulk Hair is so versatile and has various colors.
There are no external attachments on BULK hair. Therefore, this would be a very sensible idea for clients who have a tight budget but still want to make a tape-in extension or develop Tips/Fusion extensions. Moreover, clients could also buy bulk hair to produce hand-tied wefts, custom lace closures, frontal pieces, and full lace or lace front wigs.

Elsa Hair's Bulk Hair- The best bulk hair ever 3

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