What is the difference between balayage vs ombre?

What is an ombre?
In French, ombré means “shadow” or “shadow”. In the world of hair dyes, ombré is an impressive two-tone hair color effect that is usually darker at the top and lighter at the bottom. Often the dark top is your natural shade, and the bottom is lightened with a bleach. The ombre hairstyle can also be of any color combination – natural blonde, brown or red, or something unusual such as pink, blue, green or purple. It is versatile, customizable, and fits most long to medium hair. The big plus with ombré hair color is that it’s easy on the budget. You don’t need to tweak it often as the top stays dark. The overall look of ombré hair color can change as your hair grows, which many clients love!

What is balayage?
Balayage means sweeping in French. In the world of hair dyes, pale highlights are hand-dyed or applied over the hair surface. The application starts away from the roots and gradually gets heavier as it moves through the section, ending with the heaviest application of lightener or hair color at the ends. Since the hair color or lightener is concentrated on the surface of each area, the underside remains darker, which gives the hair a very natural dimensional effect. The resulting sophisticated balayage hairstyle mimics the natural sun-kissed effect that has been in high demand among celebrities, models and high-profile girls for some time now. Balayage can be done on any hair color, from blonde to red to brown, although it is usually not the best choice for super dark brunettes. Beautiful on long to medium hair. Like ombre, balayage highlighting is cost effective as it does not require frequent touching, as the hair at the top remains darker.

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