How to use clips in hair extensions properly

We know that using clip- in hair extensions is one of the most convenient kinds of hair extensions. We can put in and take off any time we want without worrying about making damages for real hair. However, many people don’t know how to use clip- in extensions to get the best result. Extensions are applied disorderly so that they are easy to be seen and make the hair become unnatural and not aesthetic. To help girls to deal with this problem, we will display how to use clip- in extensions in details in this article.
– Preparing clip- in hair extensions
Clip- in hair extensions are also diverse with many different sizes, patterns and colors for customers’ choices. It is up to the style you want to select suitable kinds. A lot of girls like straight hair while some other like wavy hair. Therefore, you should prepare clip- ins with appropriate criteria to easily find and use in the process of putting clip- in hair extensions on your head.
Especially with their sizes, it will be better if we can prepare different sizes to use in different positions. For example, 1- clip weft for hair on the side and 4- clip weft for the larger hair part.
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Stage 2: Using clip- in hair extensions
Step 1: Brushing your hair
This is always the first step before having hair extensions on your head. You need to gently brush hair from top to the end to make sure that your hair is smooth and doesn’t remain any tangle knots. Using wide- toothed comb first to detangle and using a soft paddle brush to make hair in smooth flows.
It is also necessary to brush hair extensions to keep under the best circumstance. However, don’t brush too strongly, some of hair extensions can be fallen or cut.
Step 2: Sectioning your hair
The basic step is using a tail comb or something similar to make a clean sectioning line from ear to ear, straight across the back of head and secure the top half of your own hair up.
You gradually make next sectioning lines from the lower part to the higher part on your head. It can take 3, 4 or more times if you want. In this below, we will show all suitable positions for each kind of clip- in hair extensions so that you can define the most necessary places for your clippings.
How to use clips in hair extensions properly 7
1. Take a 2 or 3 clip weft
In the event that your hair is too thin and you want to have more wefts on hair, you can section off at the lower points such as adding a small weft with about two or three clips closing to the nape. You can use thin elastics to tie into small parts of hair and put clip- in hair extensions with small size in them. This way helps to keep extensions better to avoid the weft being fallen out. Take care of the middle position to put the hair extension in right and balanced way.
2. Take a small 4 clip weft.
It will be better if we use wefts with more clips so as to keep the hair better. After brushing hair, continue making a sectioning line above the first one and put this 4 clip weft in hair. Don’t forget to use small elastics to tie into small bundles or use hairspray and brush to make solid bases for putting clips in. Like the first one, define the center position and put clip- in hair extensions carefully in these bases.
We hope that these detailing suggestions will be useful for you when using clip- in hair extensions. All stages will become simple if know basic steps and put our attention on them. Therefore, let’s try to do this to save your thin hair as well as display a beautiful new style, and then you will actually happy of the result.  If you have any question about that, don’t hesitate to share with us.

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