How to Protect Hair From Hard Water

Tons of people aren’t aware they need to protect hair from hard water.

Even saying that out loud;

“Hard water” still doesn’t sound completely real, right?


The more we turn our attention to the rinse of our routine;

The more we can understand what our hair is trying to tell us.

(Maybe even dying to tell us).

Tons of people already filter their tap water with filter jugs like Brita.

And if you’re not one of those people who neglect the refill, a water filtration jug gets you a better tasting glass and less impurities per sip.

So, why is hard water bad?

Hard water is a term used to refer to water that’s high in dissolved minerals such as:

Sounds like an amazing mineral-rich elixir, right?
How to Protect Hair From Hard Water 7

How to Protect Hair From Hard Water 9

How to Protect Hair From Hard Water 11

While your body loves some of these minerals, they can be much too hard for skin and hair;

Creating scalp build-up, dryness, and hardening within the cortex of strands.

Looking a whole lot like dry, brittle, and limp locks that are extra tangled.

The worst part?

These changes to hair’s texture and colour can cause lasting hair loss and thinning!


Beyond a better tasting glass of shower water, filtering the water in your bathroom is one very big way you can protect hair from hard water.

And that’s not all!

Even without a filter, there’s lots of ways to remove these minerals after they’ve been deposited.

Here’s how to protect hair from hard water and how to prevent hair loss from hard water too.

Hard Water Hair Hack: Install a Shower Filter or Whole-House Softener
The best way we can teach how to prevent hair loss from hard water is to prevent hard water!

Whether or not you’re experiencing hard water hair symptoms is dependent on where you live.

It’s most often caused by groundwater flowing over or through limestone (pretty!)

And while there’s no health risk between you and limestone, hard water can be annoying for skin, hair, laundry, dishes, and surfaces.

That’s why many people install a whole-house water softening system.

It handles all the filtration where water is used in your home.

But, as you can imagine…

These are actual investments to a home.

I’m talking:

Someone’s coming to your basement (that you should probably own) wearing legit coveralls to install this thing.


Don’t sweat the millennial housing market!

You can still protect hair from hard water with smaller softener systems that are easy af to install.

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