How to keep your hair extensions from looking too obvious

Hair extensions, like spray tans and strip lashes, are aesthetic enhancers that we’d rather keep hidden. Micro-ring extensions and clip-ins can give you not just longer hair, but also thicker and fuller styles – but while they have many benefits for your hair, they also have some drawbacks. Even Jennifer Lawrence, who wore her hair in a disheveled up-do this week, revealed her secret to the public. Oops! Try these recommendations from Cosmo and DIY hair extension experts Whitney Marie to avoid making the same mistakes.

1. Keep them elegant and short.
Shorter extensions (16-22 inches) seem more natural than super-long locks, as tempting as it may be to channel your inner Rapunzel and clip in 30-inch extensions. Always base the length of your extensions on the length of your natural hair!

2. Trimming, trimming, trimming
Trimming your extensions to match your existing cut is an important component of effectively incorporating them into your natural hair. Because most clip-in extensions have blunt ends, we recommend going to your hairdresser and asking for a dry cut with them in to help them blend in.

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3. Perfection in color
While most clip-ins come with a base color that roughly resembles your own tones, you can enhance the blending process by adding highlights and lowlights.

4. Get your curling irons out.
If merging your shorter hair with your new extensions is proving difficult, try loosely waving the hair together.
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5. Always wash before wearing.
The finish on new extensions is frequently extremely glossy. While it looks great, it’s often difficult to achieve the same gloss with your natural hair. Fortunately, the solution is simple: just wash before wearing! You’re short on time? For a rougher texture, spritz them with texturising spray.
6. Be a prankster
Tease (i.e. lightly backcomb) your genuine hair exactly at the root where you can grasp the clips into place to keep them from slipping. Remember to keep them away from the hairline and low on the back of the head.
7. The massive deception (do)
Spray a soft bristle brush with hairspray and brush your normal hair over the extensions as you style it when you wish to wear your hair up and cover the additions. If your clip-ins still show through, try placing them in upside down against your roots so they face the right way.
8. Examine yourself
Before you venture out (paparazzi or not! ), inspect your head in the mirror from all angles to make sure your extensions aren’t peeking through.

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