How to Choose High Quality Natural Hair Extensions

Natural hair extensions are made from real human hair that has not been overly processed or chemically treated. This allows them to blend seamlessly with your natural hair for a realistic look and feel. As natural hair extensions have increased in popularity in recent years, the market has exploded with options to choose from. But not all natural hair extensions are created equal when it comes to quality. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about how to choose high quality natural hair extensions that are worth the investment.

High Quality Natural Hair Extensions
High Quality Natural Hair Extensions

100% Remy Human Hair or Virgin Human Hair

The first thing to look for when choosing natural hair extensions is that they are made from 100% Remy human hair or virgin human hair. Here is what these labels mean:

  • 100% Remy human hair means that the hair has been collected in a way to keep the cuticles all facing in the same direction. This creates a smooth surface and helps the extensions last longer and become less tangled.
  • Virgin human hair is hair that is unused and untreated from a single donor. This means it has never been colored, permed, or processed in any way. Virgin hair creates the most natural blend with your natural hair.

Both Remy and virgin human hair options make for the highest quality and most durable natural hair extensions. They avoid excess processing and chemical treatments, allowing them to blend properly with natural hair textures. The health of the hair cuticle is preserved so the extensions last longer.

Stay away from any natural hair extensions labeled “human hair blends.” This means the hair has been mixed with synthetic fibers and is not 100% real human hair. The blend may never perfectly match your own hair or last as long.

Match Hair Textures

How to Choose High Quality Natural Hair Extensions 5

Once you know the extensions are made of high quality human hair, you next want to match the texture of the extensions to your natural hair. The proper match will allow it to mesh and move naturally with your bio hair.

Check the product details to see hair type terminology like:

  • Virgin Brazilian Hair – For dark brown to black hair with very thick density and soft waves.
  • Indian Hair – For dark brown to black straight hair that is usually on the thicker side.
  • Malaysian Hair – For black hair with more volume, luster and bounce compared to Indian hair.
  • Peruvian Hair – For dark brown to black hair that is soft, easy to manage and style.
  • Mongolian Hair – For light brown to black hair that is straight and most similar in texture to relaxed African American hair.
  • Eurasian Hair – For light brown or blonde hair with a mix of European and Asian texture.

Your natural hair type, thickness, color, density, and curl pattern are all factors in choosing extensions that will properly blend in. Contact customer service to ask questions and get recommendations if you do not see specifics about hair textures among product details.

Lengths and Quantities

Natural hair extensions come in a wide variety of lengths, measured in inches, such as:

  • 16”
  • 18”
  • 20”
  • 22”
  • 24”
  • 26”
  • 28”
  • 30”

The longest hair extensions can measure upwards of 36”. Choosing the right starting length depends on your natural hair length and how dramatic you want the change to be. Those with short hair often opt for more drastic 20+ inch extensions, while 12-16 inches can add subtle length to medium hair.

You also need to decide how much density or fullness you want achieved. Purchase packages labeled in terms of grams or number of wefts:

  • 40 gram package
  • 60 gram package
  • 80 gram package
  • 100 gram package
  • 120 gram package
  • 140 gram package
  • 160 gram package

A heavier gram package translates to more hair quantity. But you do not necessarily need to max out density to get a full look. An experienced stylist can blend and customize the placement of even just 100 grams to appear seamless with your bio hair.

Clip-Ins vs. Tape-Ins vs. Other Extension Types


There are a few main types of natural hair extensions to consider:

  • Clip-in hair extensions clip into your natural hair in sections. This allows you to easily apply and remove them on your own. It is the most temporary option best for occasional wear.
  • Tape-in extensions bond to your natural hair with adhesive keratin or latex bonded tape. Professional installation is recommended for tape-ins. The tapes allow for very natural looking integration that can last 4-8 weeks at a time.
  • Micro bead/loop extensions attach via tiny metal beads looped through your natural hair strands. This is the most technique-intensive professional installation option but allows for excellent blending and movement.
  • Fusion/pre-bonded extensions fuse to your hair using keratin bonds or adhesive. Fusion is among the most durable options, lasting 3-4 months when properly cared for.

If you are getting extensions for the first time or want occasional use, clip-ins provide the most flexibility. But for more permanent everyday wear, tape-ins or fusion extensions achieve the most seamless, natural looking results over time. Schedule consultations with experienced stylists to discuss which option is best suited to your hair and lifestyle needs.

Set A Realistic Budget

As a luxury beauty item, high quality natural hair extensions can become an investment. Like most things, you get what you pay for when it comes to durability and realism with extensions. Synthetic blends cost a fraction of real Remy or virgin hair. Here is an overview of budget tiers to expect:

  • Low-end: $100-$300 – The lowest end for clip-in synthetic blend packs. These won’t last beyond a couple wears.
  • Mid-range: $300-$1200 – Decent quality Remy hair clip-ins or basic tape-in packages. Adds subtle length and fullness.
  • High-end: $1200-$5000+ – Salons providing top tier virgin hair custom ordered to your specifications for excellent blending, movement, and longevity.

While real virgin hair extensions can cost thousands, seen as an investment over their usable lifetime of 6-12 months, the cost per wear becomes reasonable relative to continuously purchasing drug store packs. Those serious about extensions as a regular beauty boost tend to divert budgets towards high quality application and hair built to last.

Read Extension Reviews

One of the best ways to gauge quality and narrow down options is to read through extension brand reviews. Some top reviewed retailers when it comes to natural hair include:

  • Luxy Hair
  • Bellami Hair
  • Tape-In Extensions
  • Hidden Crown
  • Madison Grace Hair

Customers posting reviews can provide valuable insight into how realistic products look, if lengths and textures matched descriptions, how long extensions lasted through wear and washes, any issues experienced with tangling or shedding, and overall value for money spent. This can give you greater confidence before committing to a major purchase.

You can check brand reviews through the retailer’s website, third party seller sites like Amazon, hair forums like BellaSugar, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Reputable high end salons will also display client reviews so you can judge their quality of service.

Care and Maintenance

No matter how premium quality the human hair used, proper everyday care and maintenance is essential to maximizing the longevity and ensuring money spent on extensions is not wasted. Be sure to brush gently, use repairing masks and bonding products, avoid harsh shampoos, detangle carefully, and follow all stylist recommendations. The health of natural hair extensions depends greatly on proper techniques used over time.

Sleeping with extensions in the recommended accessories, not overusing hot tools that cause dryness or damage, and scheduling trims can all keep shedding and tangling to a minimum. Virgin hair that is well cared for can even be reused if removed properly, saving money down the road. Committing to diligent care protects your investment in glamorous natural hair extensions.


The options may seem endless when evaluating all the different natural hair extensions on the market promising realistic texture, easy integration, and fabulous lengths for boosting volume. While not cheap, prioritizing 100% Remy or virgin human hair at a quality matching your natural hair truly makes a difference in achieving striking yet seamless results that last. Do your homework reading reviews, understanding hair textures, and discussing budgets and methods with seasoned extension specialists. When done right, investing in long lasting hair extensions pays off exponentially in confidence and compliments!

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