All you need to know about the Elsa Hair Clip-In Bun

Clip in hair extension
Clip in hair extension
What is the clip-in bun?
The Elsa Hair clip-in bun is your hair bun, but better.

We’re giving lazy a whole new meaning so you can achieve that effortless model-off-duty look instantly. Whether it’s a Sunday, workday, or any day in between, the perfect messy bun is the ultimate lazy girl hairstyle. Our 100% remy human hair clip-in buns guarantee an effortless tousled messy bun every single time. No fussing required.
Your natural bun is small and thin
You want an easy way to transform second or third day hair
You want a perfect, natural messy bun every time
You have layered hair and short hairs stick out of your messy bun
You’re tired of fussing and primping with your buns
You work from home and need to amp up your Zoom looks
You’re lazy AF

What hair type is the clip-in bun suitable for?
The Elsa Hair clip-in bun is designed to make small, thin buns bigger and more voluminous. Therefore, the ideal hair type for the bun extension is thin to medium with not a lot of hair strands. Your hair should also be long enough to tie up into a small bun. If you have shorter hair, you can also section half your hair up into a top knot. This will ensure that the clip-in bun can completely cover your natural bun.

Can’t I use regular hair extensions to get the same effect?
You could…but we knew there was a better way. If you were to use regular clip-in wefts, you would have to strategically place the wefts and style them to achieve a natural looking messy bun, and well, isn’t the whole point of a messy bun to do as little primping as possible? The clip-in bun is an easy peasy way to do the littlest.

What’s the difference between the Luxy Hair clip-in bun and other bun extensions on the market?
Elsa Hair offers the only 100% remy human hair bun extension on the market. This means you will achieve the most natural look every time. All other bun extensions are made with synthetic hair, which is made from a variety of plastics and other fake fibres that are generally stiff, coarse to the touch, too shiny, and move differently from human hair. We also painstakingly designed this bun to look as effortless, modern, and easy, unlike other clip-in buns out there, which we felt looked forced, old fashioned, and unnatural.

What length and weight does it come in?
The Elsa Hair clip-in bun comes in a standard 14 inch length and 60 gram weight.
How does the clip-in bun stay in without falling off?
We took movement into consideration when designing the clip-in bun, so you can even flaunt your hair in front of your gym crush. The bun extension features four combs on either side of the netting inside the bun, which securely latch under the base of your natural bun. Plus, it has a drawstring pull system that tightens the bun to make sure it stays put—whether you’re deadlifting or Netflixing.

Will it be obvious that I am wearing a bun hair piece?
Girl, no! We specifically designed the clip-in bun with our own needs in mind, because we just couldn’t find a natural looking messy bun extension solution out there.

The Elsa Hair clip-in bun is the only bun extension on the market made with 100% human hair so that it blends seamlessly with your natural hair. We also went through multiple variations in the size of the bun before landing on a final design that isn’t too large or overly bulky. Our bun is designed with hair strands of various lengths that you can tuck and style as you please, just like your natural hair, to finish off the look.

How do I choose the right bun?
To achieve the best match, match the clip-in bun to the mid-length color of your hair (the part that will be visible right above the bun when clipped in.) You can also get creative and wear a bun of a completely different hair colour! Each bun comes with a tester weft so you can be sure you’re satisfied with the color and quality of hair before committing to it.

What does the clip-in bun come with?
Your full package will include:

1 clip-in bun
2 bobby pins (black, brown or blonde depending on the color family of the bun)
Elsa Hair little pink box to store the bun extension in.

Will the bun extension give me a headache or hurt my scalp?
We designed the clip-in bun to feel as lightweight as possible while still remaining secure and comfortable, however, if not applied correctly, you may feel pulling or tugging. Just play around and find the best placement and fit for you!
Will it damage my natural hair?
Nope! Like all Elsa Hair extensions products, we designed the clip-in bun in such a way that your natural hair will not be damaged. Because the bun extensions sits atop your natural hair bun and simply envelopes it, there is no possibility of damage.

How long does it take to apply?
The clip-in bun is designed to throw your hair up and call it a day. It’s a one-step solution to getting a fuller bun, with no fussing and primping. Watch the video below to see how you can achieve your messy bun dreams instantly.

Do I need to wash it?
Unlike regular clip-in hair extensions, the clip-in bun hair piece sits on top of your natural hair. This means it does not come in contact with scalp and natural hair oils, and doesn’t need to be washed often. Only wash the bun extension if there is too much product buildup. Be sure to brush the hair piece first with a Elsa Hair, and use gentle alcohol and sulfate-free hair products before air-drying.

How long does it last?
If cared for properly, the clip-in bun should last you up to a year or longer, as it is made from 100% remy human hair.

Can I get it cut?
You shouldn’t need to, as the clip-in bun is designed with hair strands of various lengths to look as natural as possible, but if you wish, you can get it cut by a professional hairstylist. Be sure to wear the bun extension to your appointment.

Can I dye it?
Yes! Because the bun hair piece is made from human hair, it can be dyed darker like your natural hair by a professional hairstylist. We don’t recommend bleaching it, however, as this could cause damage to the hair.

Can I heat style it?
Yes! Just be sure to use a heat protectant spray before heat styling and to use a low heat setting of 120C/250F to protect the hair.

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