8 Virgin Hair Extension Trends Gaining Popularity in Vietnam

Virgin hair extensions are always the top choice for Vietnamese women looking to upgrade their style. With natural quality, softness and bounce, virgin hair helps create beautiful hair without requiring too much care.

Natural hair virgin hair
Natural hair virgin hair

However, virgin hair trends change over time to match overall fashion trends. Below are the 8 most popular virgin hair extension trends in Vietnam today that you should know about.

1. Virgin hair with wispy bangs

Virgin hair with wispy bangs is always a hot never-out-of-style trend. This hairstyle helps make the face look more slender, while creating accents for the eyes. Popular wispy bang styles with virgin hair include:

  • Wispy feathered bangs
  • Wispy clipped bangs
  • Wispy swept-back bangs

With wispy bangs, you can freely mix and match various other hairstyles to create a unique personal style. Wispy bangs are also very easy to style when using high quality virgin hair.

2. Virgin hair with loose waves

Wavy hair always creates an attractive, feminine look for women. High quality virgin hair when permed will hold the wavy shape for a very long time without frizzing. The latest trend is loose, natural-looking waves rather than tight curls or ringlets. This hairstyle is both elegant and gentle, suiting all face shapes.

How to style: use curling rods or a curling iron to create loose waves in virgin hair. Each strand of hair should be curled separately to ensure even, natural-looking wave shapes.

3. Long, straight, sleek virgin hair

Long, straight hair is always a symbol of gentle, elegant beauty. That’s why this is always a hot trend pursued by many women. To have beautiful long hair, virgin hair is the number one choice.

With a length from waist down, long, straight, sleek hair is the “weapon” to help women showcase their graceful beauty. The secret to beautiful long hair is using high quality virgin hair, while regularly caring for and maintaining it.

4. Mermaid hair

Mermaid hair always creates a glamorous, elegant look for women. This is also a hairstyle favored by beauty queens and pageant contestants. To have perfect mermaid hair, virgin hair is the ideal choice.

How to style: use clips and rollers to curl the ends of the hair. The hair should be sectioned into multiple thin layers so the mermaid hair looks tight and neat. Use hair treatment products to maintain shine and weight of the hair.

5. Virgin bob haircut

The classic bob haircut is always a timeless trend for any season. This hairstyle both enhances the elegant lines of the face, and is easy to care for and style. To have a perfect bob, high quality virgin hair is the number one secret.

How to cut: cut straight across at shoulder length with even length on both sides. Depending on your face shape, opt for a blunt or angled bob cut for best results. After cutting, use rollers to curl the ends inwards, creating beautiful bounce.

6. Virgin layered hair

Layered hair involves cutting the hair into different layers, creating a healthy, youthful look. High quality virgin hair combined with modern layering techniques is the key to an impressive layered hairstyle.

The advantage of this hairstyle is suiting all face shapes and personalities. Depending on length and cut, you can have a youthful, edgy or mature, elegant style.

7. Virgin ombre/balayage hair

Ombre or balayage refers to the hair coloring technique creating a gradual, natural-looking fade from dark to light. It’s a trend loved by many Vietnamese celebrities and stars for its glamorous yet natural look.

To get the best ombre/balayage effect, virgin hair is the number one choice. Because virgin hair has a high level of naturalness, it can create subtle, beautiful color melting effects.

8. Virgin hair coloring

Hair coloring is always a simple yet effective way to change one’s style. However, not all hair types can be dyed beautifully and retain color well. Virgin hair is the best choice for hair coloring purposes.

The advantage of virgin hair is its high naturalness, with the cuticle layer intact, so it holds color extremely well. You can freely experiment with different hair colors without damaging the hair.

With the 8 virgin hair trends introduced above, hopefully you have more ideas to change up your style. Choose high quality virgin hair products from reputable sellers to ensure perfect, long-lasting beauty for yourself. Good luck!

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