The Top Reasons Hair Extensions Are Expensive!

Have you ever heard skeptics complain about how much money people spend on hair extensions? When it comes to spending $300 on some bundles, they think people are insane. But I can assure you that there is a method to the madness! Buying hair extensions is not a shady business or a get-rich-quick scheme. The high-end bundle prices are still valid! Some may believe that it is simply hair that is sewn in, but I assure you that there is much more to it. The hair extensions industry is very profitable, and I’ll explain why below!


Convenience is not free people! There’s a reason why the price of convenience is always high no matter where you go. You’re paying to cut out all the unnecessary extra time that you would have had to experience if you didn’t have that service. In the case of hair extensions, the time you’re saving is the time away from you’re real hair. The ones who are creating hair extensions are doing nothing but capitalizing off of that need. There’s a need for people not wanting to do their hair, so they have more time for their family friends and everything else in their life. Hair extensions come in just about every color, size, curl and texture. There are people in this world right now who think of different ways people may want to wear their hair, and they put a price tag on it. They want people to know its possible to have whatever type of style look you want. There are also people in fear of getting certain styles or colors performed on their real hair so what do you think they do? They turn to hair extensions, try the style out, and after a few weeks, toss it out.

                                                Evolution in Hair Extensions

The price of hair extensions has also skyrocketed from decades ago. These current prices are nothing compared to how much it used to cost. A more noticeable change in hair extensions has been the appearance of it. That’s right! Decades ago you used to be able to stand in line at the grocery store and decipher who was wearing extensions or not. But it’s almost impossible to play that game now since these hair extensions are truly unmatched. Because of all the changes and convenience, that’s why hair extensions are so expensive. If you could tell someone there was a way to wear or style hair that will look just like his or hers; you better believe a high dollar amount will be attached to it!

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                                                   The Process

Have you ever wondered the exact process of hair extensions? No, not how it gets packaged, I mean how the whole process gets handled. I’m sure nobody thought the hair extensions just came from the sky! There’s a process for everything, so let’s get into this one!

                                                     Scalp Shaving

Over in India, there is a big business for women shaving their heads. Some women do it for religious purposes while others do it just to do it. Either way, the hair is removed, and then it undergoes a rigorous process. The human hair is carefully examined for any dirt and gets separated into two sections. There’s a good pile and a bad hair pile. The good hair goes through other cleaning processes. It gets washed over and over again, and someone even has to examine it under a magnifying glass. The hair has to be super clean before it begins any other process.


The wefting process isn’t as bad as scalp shaving! Once the hair is clean, it gets separated into bundles. The bundles are then brushed out as much as possible to remove any loose hair. The hair then slowly goes through a sewing machine that adds a single thread stitch across four inches below the top of the hair. It then begins going through several other machines that secures the thread, removes all hairs above the threaded line and the last machine attaches the thick weft line. So, if you haven’t noticed yet, a lot of work goes into actually making a hair extension. There are also people involved throughout the whole process as well. Now, if you take that process and multiply it by a trillion, there should be a new level of respect for hair extensions. This process isn’t cheap by a long shot. The time, energy and detail that is required that allows folks to look their best is completely worth the hundreds of dollars that people pay for hair extensions.

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As I mentioned earlier, the evolution of hair extensions has come a mighty long way. The quality of hair extensions is one of the biggest changes. Quality in anything is very important. People will pay more for things that look and feel great. There are many different types of hair textures, and they all can have a high price tag. For instance, Brazilian hair extensions are one of the best on the market, especially the straight hair. This hair has amazing flow, super soft and a natural shine. If you take this hair and compare it to synthetic hair, you would understand the price difference. To have hair extensions that are easy to blend, able to color and are versatile, are moneymakers. More people will run to quality hair textures of this magnitude, anytime. Also, the better the hair quality, the more work goes into making it that way. As mentioned earlier, women get their hair shaved off in other countries so that many people can wear extensions. Another part of that process is what those women have to go through. For their hair to be shaved off, they have to have great hair already. Therefore, they have to be mindful of their health and wellness. Many of them are put on diets and must take certain vitamins to ensure they are healthy enough to have their hair shaved. If they don’t take care of themselves, the hair isn’t going to be good. So these women work hard to provide good quality hair. I’m sure they even take pride in the kind act they are doing for those who want hair and those who may need it. But don’t forget, of course, there’s a pretty price tag that’s attached to that!

                                  Different Hair Extension Types

Now, this entire time we’ve been discussing wefts, also known as tracks. But, other hair extension types also go through processes that cause hair extension to be expensive. Back in the day, there was no such thing as hair clips, frontals or closures. Again, all of these options are extra hairpieces that also take a lot of work. It takes time to carefully hand or machine stitch frontals. The frontal hair is attached to lace material, which is very thin. Therefore one must be very careful and detailed. The same goes for hairclips; each weft has to have clip pieces attached to them, etc.

Also, a newer hair extension type is the braid-in bundle. This bundle type is special is because of everything it doesn’t require! To install this type of hair, all you need to have is enough hair to braid with, that’s it! So, no glue, thread or clips are needed. This hair screams convenience! Also, because there are no additional steps for the installation, the hair lasts a very long as well. So, although hair extensions are still hair, the hair type also matters when it comes down to pricing. People choose what kind of hair they need according to their style. So it’s possible to have not such expensive hair if you’re looking for a more low-key look. But when you go that route, it’s a good chance you miss out on all the benefits of having expensive hair extensions.

                                              The Wig Life

Now, we know a lot of us love just to throw on a wig before work and be great. And well, if you’re that person who gets to do that, then I’m sure you’re aware of why wigs can be such an expensive item. I know earlier I mentioned that braid-in hair extensions scream convenience, but I promise that wigs are screaming louder! What makes hair extensions so expensive is all of the “extra” work that takes place before the customer receives it. When it comes to wigs, your style is complete before you purchase it. Therefore someone has to create millions of styled wigs. They cut, color it and do so much more all beforehand. To have such variety as a wig, you already know that it’s going to come at a price!

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                                    Hair Dealers Pay Cut

Okay, now I know what you are thinking. How in the world does hair extensions that originate in different countries get in the hands of customers all over the world? Simple; I welcome you to the world of hair dealers! The hair extension dealer is essential the middleman between the distributor and the customer. The hair dealer goes out and shops for the best hair, by the bulk and then sell it. But of course, they have to make a profit as well. This section won’t be familiar with a lot of folks. When you’re surfing different websites shopping around for bundles and find some you like and pay $400 for them, the actual hair didn’t cost that. The hair dealer marks the price of the hair up so that they get their share. Not only do they mark the price up, but they also have to have pretty packaging and then shipping cost. The main objective of the hair dealer is to make sure they stand out from all the others. Hair extensions are expensive because of the hidden prices not shown to customers. Hair dealers have to do all that they can to ensure their customers continue to buy from them.


There’s a lot of research that hair dealers must do to find the right hair for their customers. A lot of times, they are thinking like a customer when it comes to looking for the best hair. They want to make sure they would love the hair as well. Otherwise, it’s their business that’s on the line. Hair dealers have to search for the best hair and then be able to market to the world why they have the best hair. Often, hair dealers will even visit the exact hair warehouses that are in different countries. This step is to ensure they are well involved in the process, so their customer has a great experience. When it comes to why hair extensions are so expensive, it’s because a lot of time is involved and well, everyone deserves to get their coins!

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                                         The Method to the Madness

If you didn’t know why hair extensions were so expensive, you do now! See, there isn’t any hair scam where people are guessing any amount of hair extensions. There is a specific order that gets followed for the extension process to flow smoothly. Many people and companies play a huge part in that process too. Not to mention, we only covered online hair dealers for those who sell hair. There’s still a process that hair storeowners must follow to sell hair in their stores too. Hair extensions are a very lucrative business if you know how to master it well. Now, don’t forget, you don’t have high-end purchase extensions. Remember when you buy cheap you also get cheap. Invest in your bundles, so you get the most out of them! Are you an avid hair extension wear? If so, have you ever wondered why hair extensions are so expensive, or you don’t care? Let me know in the comment section below!


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