8 Summer Hairstyles That Keep Your Hair Out of Your Face Without Ruining It

We are literally entering a “Hot Girl Summer” since the temperatures around summer increase hotter every year. And the last thing I want is my hair in my face as we’re dealing with record-breaking heat. Protective hairstyles are the way to go, whether you’re seeking for more low-maintenance hair inspiration or designs to keep your hair looking fresh and preserved during your sweat sessions. Protective styles, regardless of your motivation, keep you from constantly manipulating your hair because they reduce the need for hands, other heat tools, and treatments while allowing your hair to rest and grow.

Summer is the ideal time to experiment with new protective hairstyles that will give you the refresh and break you deserve, from braids to twists to slicked-back buns. Are you ready to enter the “Hot Girl Summer” era? Continue scrolling to see some new looks to try this season.

Two-strand Twists 

Two-strand twists are light and adaptable, and they may be fashioned in a variety of ways (Senegalese twists, Marley twists, Havana twists, etc.). They’re also a terrific way to keep your hair hydrated when worn as a protective style. With careful care and maintenance, twists can endure for several weeks.

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Overnight Roller Set

Now, we’re not recommending that you wear rollers overnight (though we won’t stop you if you do), but it’s a terrific way to achieve a traditional blowout hairdo without using heat or a lot of product.

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Low Ponytail

A basic low ponytail is the easiest way to keep flyaways at bay. With an enormous scrunchie or a different parting method, you may liven up a low ponytail style. Ponytails are ideal for slicking back your hair and minimizing frizz. For less tension on your scalp and fewer damage, I recommend using a silk scrunchie.

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Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are a classic southern African hairstyle that involves sectioning, twisting, and wrapping the hair into individual knots. They’re not only low-maintenance, but they also keep your hair hydrated by locking in moisture. Any summer will appear playful and joyful with this protective style.

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Hair Wrap

Hair wraps come in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles and are ideal for times you don’t feel like doing your hair (by “it,” we mean putting any work into it). It’s a quick way to spruce up your attire and add some personality to your look.

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Top-knot Bun

The basic top knot epitomizes “one and done.” It’s easy to do, always pulls the whole look together, needs little work, and locks in moisture to keep your hair nourished. Something more creative is required. We’ll be patient.

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Braided Ponytail

A braided ponytail is a fun and flirty look that can be worn on the most casual summer days or at all of your summer get-togethers! There is minimal to no tension on your scalp whether you wear it high, mid-length, or low. It also provides style to your hair without the use of heat tools.

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Box Braids

Box braids are one of the most simple styles to maintain. Box braids available in a variety of widths and lengths, and they’re incredibly simple to style and keep out of your face. Box braids can last up to a month or more with adequate care and maintenance.

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